Patrick thinks that the Lunchroom is other classrooms


Spongebob:Patricks late.

Squidard:Luckily only 1 idiot's here...

Spongebob:Whos that?


Patrick:(Comes in with a trumpet)Hello!Why does no one have instruments?

Lunch Lady:What do you think this is?Band Class?

Patrick:I dont think so,I know so.

Lunch Lady:BUT ITS NOT!!!

Patrick:Youre right,its ART CLASS!(Gets out an easel and a paintbrush)

Squidward:Hmm,for an idiot this dorkmunch isn't half bad!(Pulls out art supplies)

Luch Lady:(Sighs)YOU TWO!GET OUT!!!!!!!(Kicks Patrick and Squidward out with thier supplies,paint spills on the wall saying THE END!


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