The TV Show
Season №: 1 (The Weirdo Show)
Episode №: 1
Storyboard Artist(s): Bigman602
Storyboard: Bigman602
Creative: Bigman602

The TV Show is the first official episode of The Weirdo Show. It is based off the episode where Squiward got his own TV show.


Once when Mr Krabs was watching TV, he saw a commercal that said, "Get you own TV show. Abosloutly free! You get all creative controll!".That made Mr.Krabs want a TV show because he thinks it will earn him money. He called it the Krusty Krab Show. "This will really get me some customers", Mr. Krabs exclaimed. The next mornig Mr. Krabs started to set up everything.

"What ya doing Mr. Krabs with all that junk", Spongebob asked.

"I am glad ye asked lad", Mr. Krabs began. "I am making a set for the new Krusty Krab Show, now get off your lazy butt and help me"!

"Aye Mr. Krabs", Spongebob added. Then Spongebob helped Mr. Krabs. After a couple of hours of building, they finally finished, and Squiward woke up from his morning nap.