The Sandy Sponge?
The Series The Thoughtful Season 1
January 4, 2010
Writen by
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The Sandy Sponge? is an episode from The Series The Thoughtful Season 1

Brief Summary: Sandy's contract ends and Sandy get a job at The Spongey Sponge

Plot Edit

Sandy's contract with chimps ends and his inventions don't work with no reason! Sandy have only month to invent new invention. Sandy searches for job as job replace for month. He get a job in The Spongey Sponge, renamed to The Sandy Sponge, as boss, but in fear of do something wrong, he can't do anything right!

Transcript Edit

The Sandy Sponge? Transcript

Info Edit

Characters Edit

  • Sandy (4.)
  • Professor Percy (1.)
  • Dr. Marmalade (1.)
  • Lord Reginald (1.)
  • Mr. Krabs (5.)
  • Spongebob (11.)
  • Squidward (9.)
  • Patrick (8.)
  • Larry (1.)
  • Sharmyn (3.)
  • Plankton (2.)

Places Edit

  • Sandy's Treedome (3.)
  • Outside of Krusty Krab and The Spongey Sponge (1.)
  • The Spongey Sponge (The Sandy Sponge) (2.)

Time/Date Edit

  • 13:00 PM - The visit of Chimpanzees
  • 18:00 PM - Sandy gets a job
  • 10:00 AM - Sandy have employment
  • 19:00 PM - The Sandy Sponge is destroyed

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