Plot Edit

Patrick brings a phone to school. The problem is that he doesn't know how to call. Squidward teaches him.


(Patrick typing a message to Spongebob)


Spongebob: Ohh! A text message from......(While looking on the phone saying: Hi Spongebob. I know how to smile. I bought my Lunch Bunny with me. See Ya! :P) I think he means Lunch Money......(sigh)


Spongebob: Patrick, you know you could have just said that in front my face or called me.

Patrick: Sorry. I don't know how to call people.

Spongebob: You don't know how to CALL!?!?! It's very just......

Squidward: Allow me Squarepants.

Spongebob: Squidward...........Thank you.

Squidward: Just because I'm helping you doesn't mean were best friends. Got it?

Spongebob: Ok....(Runs away)

Squidward: Ok Patrick. This is very simple. You just press the middle button.

(Patrick press the number 9)


(Patrick press the red button)

Squidward: MIDDLE BUTTON!!

(Patrick press the green button)

Squidward: AHH!!! YOUR SO HOPELESS!!! (Walks away very angry)

(Patrick press the middle button)

Patrick: Yay! I did it!! Now to call Sandy and annoy her.


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