This a episode from SpongeKid SlightPants: Lunch Hour.


The Lunchroom becomes dark when the Lunch Lady won't fix the lights.


(The gang is talking about squirrels when the light cut off again)

Squidward: The lights have turned on again! Thats the 5th time this week!

Sandy: Calm down Squidward! We just need to wake that hag Lunch Lady up.

Patrick: I have just the thing. (Patrick picks up his lemon and throws at at the Lunch Lady's eyes)

Lunch Lady: MY EYES!!!!!!!!!! (Walks over to Spongebob's table) Which one of you barnacle heads threw this at me.

Patrick: (points at Squidward) He did it.

Squidward: No! No! No! Wait.... (Lunch Lady throws Squidward at lights and lights turn on)

Spongebob: Hey the lights are back on! Now what were you saying Sandy? (Squidward's plate falls and the mess spells out "THE END!")


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