Squidward's Hair?
The Series The Thoughtful Season 1
January 7, 2010
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Squidward's Hair? is an episode from The Series The Thoughtful Season 1

Brief Summary: Squidward use wig to win competetion Hairy or Baldy?

Plot Edit

Patrick and Spongebob go to competetion called Hairy or Baldy? where Squidward appear. But Squidward don't have a hair, so, he buy a wig, but 2 minutes before Squidward have to appear, Spongebob and Patrick destroy Squidward's wig!

Transcript Edit

Squidward's Hair? Transcript

Info Edit

Characters Edit

  • Spongebob (13.)
  • Gary (9.)
  • Head of Competetion Hairy or Baldy? (1.)
  • Squidward (10.)
  • Patrick (11.)
  • The Keeper of Wig Shop (1.)
  • The Trio of Jury (1.)

Places Edit

  • Spongebob's House (10.)
  • Squidward's House (5.)
  • Patrick's House (4.)
  • Wig Shop (1.)
  • The House of The Bikini Bottom Fashion Show (1.)

Time/Date Edit

  • 10:00 AM - Fashion Show advertisement
  • 14:00 PM - Squidward and Patrick in Wig Shop
  • 17:00 PM - The start of competetion
  • 20:00 PM - The end of competetion

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