SquidWitch, Part 2
The Series The Thoughtful Season 1
January 1, 2010
Writen by
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SquidWitch, Part 2 is an episode from The Series The Thoughtful Season 1

Brief Summary: Squidward get into his memories

Plot Edit

Squidward get into his memories after bungel with spell. Squidward finally realize, that Spongebob is always tried to be Squidward's friend, but Squidward always ignored and hated Spongebob. When Squidward get out of his memories, what affect him so much, He run to Spongebob's, but even that time he couldn't say this!

Transcript Edit

SquidWitch, Part 2 Transcript

Info Edit

Characters Edit

  • Squidward (6.)
  • Spongebob (7.)
  • Gary (6.)

Places Edit

  • Squidward's Memory (1.)
  • Conch Street (5.)
  • Krusty Krab (2.)
  • Squidward's House (4.)
  • Spongebob's House (7.)

Time/Date Edit

  • 16:00 PM - Squidward is in his memories
  • 17:00 PM - Squidward isn't saying sorry to Spongebob

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