No Title
Directed By
Produced By
Written By
The Writers of Spy Buddies
Based on
Spy Buddies by Jon23812
Nickelodeon Movies, The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions, Nicktoons Animation Studios
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
November 18, 2011
Running Time
96 minutes
$40 million
Gross Revenue

The Spy Buddies Movie is a 2011 animated film. The film is based off the Nicktoon show Spy Buddies and was released on November 18, 2011. The movie recieved mostly positive reviews.


The film starts with SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Fred exposing The Kelp Monster, as a regular fish, and had him sent to jail. They are rewarded for their 100th victory.

Later Plankton calls all the villians together, to get revenge on BBSD for foiling thair plans.

More Coming Soon


The Movie was released to Blu-ray and DVD on April 17, 2012


Box OfficeEdit

Coming Soon

Critical responseEdit

The Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie "fresh" rating of 78% based on 130 reviews.

The Awesome Ratings gave the movie "Cool" rating of 81%

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