This is a SpongeKid SlightPants: Lunch Hour episode.


Flats keeps telling Patrick to give him Patrick's lunch money, but thinks he saying something that rhymes with money.


(Patrick is waiting in line when Flats the Flounder comes up to him)

Flats: Hey buddy, give me your lunch money.

Patrick: Oh lunch honey, here you go, I don't want it anyway. (hands Flats honey and Flats throws it at Patricks plate.

Flats: No! Your lunch money!

Patrick: Lunch Puppy! Where?!

Flats: No you barnacle head, your lunch money!

Patrick: Oh Lunch Bolony!

Flats: AH! I can't take it anymore! (walks over to Squidward) Give me your lunch money barancle head.

Squidward: No you jerk face its....(Flats holds up his fist with a ring that says "THE END" on it and punched Squidward) Ouch!!! (Squidward passes out with the word "THE END" on him)


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