This is a SpongeKid SlightPants: Lunch Hour episode.


Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward are having a consplay competition.


(Spongebob and co. are having a consplay contest)

Spongebob: (dressed as Mermaidman) I'm Mermaid!

Lunch lady: Mermaidman sucks! NEXT!

Sandy: (dressed as a cowgirl) YEEHAW! I'm a cowgirl

Lunch lady: I've seen worse. NEXT!

Squidward: (dressed as a clarinet) I'm an aritistic clari...

Lunch lady: This is a lunch room, not the art room (kicks Squidward to the art room)

Squidward: (from a distance) AHHHHH! (hits ground) Ouch.

Lunch lady: Bring in the pink, chubby one.

Patrick: (dressed as a pickle) I'm a Seahorse.

Spongebob: Patrick, thats a pickle.

Patrick: I didn't question your costume. AHH! (beats up Spongebob)

Lunch lady: Bravo! (claps) (curtains close)


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