This is a episode from SpongeKid Slightpants: Lunch Hour.


When the lunch lady is out sick, Planktons does the cooking while she is gone. He serves people chum and eventually a food fight is started.


Spongebob: Ewwww. What is this slop.

Squidward: (tastes it) It tastes like it came from the toilet.

Sandy: It's worse than the lunch lady's food! (vomits inside helment)

Kid: I'm sick of this crud! (throws it)

All Kids: FOOD FIGHT!!! (kids food fight)

Plankton: STTTTTOOOOOPPPP!!!!! (gets hit with chum then the kids stop food fighting)

Patrick: But I like throwing food. (throws chum at Plankton and food fight restarts)

Stanley Squarepants: (slips over chum and chum hits the wall and spells out "THE END")


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