Kids Of The City shows the young version of SpongeBob and friends at Cartoon City!


Season 1 (12/05/2010-Present)Edit

Episode Name Plot # Airdate Creator
Skydive Boy SpongeBob's parents think that he skydived, his friends must prove it somehow that he didn't do it! 1 Decmber 5, 2010 ferb123
The Rollercoaster Phineas and Ferb build a rollercoaster! 2 December 5, 2010 ferb123
First Day Of School Every kid schools in Cartoon School! 3 December 5, 2010 ferb123
Day 2 Now let's begin school! 4 December 10,2010 ???
NO HOMEWORK! The kids on Cartoon City start banning homework! 5 December 14,2010 Faves3000
Art Class Everyone likes art like Lin Chung! 6 December 14, 2010 ferb123

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