Bad-Noodle Star
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Bigman602/Thoughtful Productions
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Bad-Noodle Star is the 5th episode of SpongeKid SlightPants and the first episode of the series to be written by Bigman602.


Patrick is at his rock and Spongebob is able to convince him to go to school. When he gets there, the teacher makes them take a math quiz. Then during the test, Patrick is throwing spit wads at the teacher and Spongebob is blamed.


(Patrick is at his rock and Spongebob finally convinces him to go to school)

Patrick: Alright, I will go, but they're better not be any clowns! (Patrick shivers)

Spongebob: Don't worry Patrick, there will be no clowns. Now lets go to school!


  • Some background characters/users of this wiki will be in the background as other fish.

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