"And Then You Saw This Show" is a show about a life of a wierd,annoying,smart,and creative kid.

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  • Jay-The most wierdest kid you've ever seen,loves playing on the computer,and a big fan of Mario and Spongebob.Admits he's annoying.
  • Alex-Jay's best friend.He has the same interests as him.When he's outside he usually plays on his trampoline,and hes 2 years younger than Jay.
  • Drake-Jay's mean,older brother.Usually calls Jay "Gay"and loves to play hockey.He thinks Jay is EXTREMELY annoying.Plays Xbos 360 alot.


Season 1Edit

1: "And Then You Saw This Pilot" Written By Faves3000

Jay uses his Camera to introduce the cast.

2: "Glum"Written By Faves3000

Alex is feeling down,so Jay tries to make him happy.

3: "Can I Join?" By Faves3000

Jay tries to join Drake playing his Xbox360.

4: "Grounded" By Faves3000

Jay is grounded,but he tries to get on the computer anyway.

5: "Shocking!" By Faves3000

Jay gets electrocuted by screwing around inside his game system.

6: "Science Fiction" By Faves3000

Jay tries to build a time machine,but epic fails.

7: "Sleepover" By Faves3000

Jay has a sleepover at Alex's.

8: "Tired of Hurting" By Faves3000

Jay gets tired of Drake hurting so Jay tries to avoid him.

9: "Yawn" By Faves3000

Jay is bored,so he tries to find something to do.

10: "Video Games" By Faves3000

Jay tries to buy a Video Game

11: "MONEE!" By Faves3000

Jay does chores do get an allowance

12: "24 Hour Awake" By Faves3000

Jay stays up all night with Drake


  • This show is based off of Faves3000's life.
  • The show shows 1 episode and is 15 minutes long.


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